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Support for vulnerable people waiting for psychological help

In addition to WAITING SUPPORT, we also offer AFTERCARE and a MEANINGFUL DAY.
We fill the gaps in the Mental Health Services.

We are open!

Feel free to contact us for an introductory meeting. We'll see what you need and plan how we can wait together and actively.

Het Wachthuis

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The Waiting House offers an immediate, accessible and non-residential bridging period between the request for help and the effective help. Psychodiverse people between the age of 17 and 117 who are waiting for psychological help are potential participants.
We do not offer therapy, but we take care of each other.


There is no waiting list.


The waiting lists for mental healthcare are long. The corona crisis puts additional pressure on the system. Delayed care leads to more complex problems that require longer and more intensive treatment, which puts additional pressure on the system.


For seekers, vibrant generator of ideas, do-nothings, stragglers, dreamers, loafers, hoovers with feelers but no filters, silent observers, jump-arounds, colour visionaries, not-out-of-bed goers, foresters who no longer see the forest or the trees, natural law thinkers, I-can't-do-it people, lost-walkers, chaotic forgeters and other birds who are tired and therefore also tired of waiting (alone).

The Waiting House is there for psychodiverse people between the age of 17 and 117 who are waiting for psychological help.


You can come to our Waiting House to slow down together. Together we can drink coffee, think, cook, make (or listen to) music, paint, read, garden, walk with our waiting dog through all kinds of weather and wind, write, do puzzles, make clothings, knit, photograph, do your administration, talk, meet like-minded people, meditate, etcetera. 

First, you unwind. Then we make agreements you feel comfortable with. You take the time to think about what direction you want to go and gradually deal with the small things in life again. You are in charge and you decide how fast or how slow we wait. Eventually, if you want, you can move on to volunteer.

The Waiting House values research and continuing education and is inspired by humanistic and holistic views of people (e.g. Carl Rogers, Eugene Gendlin). Our staff has an eye for people in their own complexity and autonomy from the basic attitudes of acceptance, authenticity and empathy. In doing so, we focus our attention on both the mind (e.g. talking to each other) and the body (e.g. exercising together).

Good news

Psychiatrist Dirk de Wachter would like to be our godfather!

Good news!

August 2021

An example
An example

You feel tired and have gloomy thoughts. You don’t recognise yourself anymore. You cry all day. You can't manage to work/study any more. On the advice of a friend, you have the courage to contact your general practitioner. Your GP prescribes a week of sick leave and gives you a list of psychologists in the area. You contact them one by one. One has a registration ban, another an 8-month waiting list. You have to wait.

Things go from bad to worse. After a week, you are not rested at all and you return to your GP. Your GP prescribes another two weeks of rest and advises you to contact the CGG (Centre for Mental Healthcare). You register with the CGG and they will contact you for an intake interview. You have to ... wait.

The intake interview is in 2 weeks. After the intake interview, the CGG will decide during a team meeting whether they can help you. You have to wait.

After a week, you receive a phone call. The CGG wants to help you, whew! Sometimes you have to wait a very, very long time before you can get their assistance ...

You have been registered now, but you are still on sick leave. During all this waiting you become even more sad, anxious and lonely. You hardly go outside and nothing interests you anymore. You would really like things to be different, but you can't manage on your own.

Contact us! We wait together and actively.

We make agreements you feel comfortable with. While you find connection with allies and get moving again (literally and figuratively), treatment or counselling is in sight.

Would you like to support us? You can!


There are three ways of doing this: 

  • Do you have musical instruments, fabric, wool, craft materials, books, bookcases, gardening materials, kitchen materials or plants that you don't know how to use? Contact us! 

  • Or if you use it all yourself, give a "Waiting Day" gift to someone who needs it but can't afford it. Deposit 20 euros (more is also welcome!) on our account number: BE07 7340 5666 3466

  • You can also help us with your hands, your head and your heart. Become a volunteer and wait with us!

You will receive our eternal gratitude in return!


Because the financial picture should not be a barrier, we offer three rates. You choose which rate applies to you.

If you scratch and you're barely making ends meet every month but still want to contribute financially, you pay 5€ per day.

If you have enough every month, you pay 10€ per day.

If you certainly have enough every month and want to support The Waiting House financially, you pay 20€ or more per day.

If all this is not possible, please tell us and we will find a solution.

At the moment we do not receive any subsidies, but in the future we hope to be able to offer our services for free.



Het Wachthuis vzw

With the support of Foundation Kids and Wind

Address as of March 2022

Kloosterstraat 50
3150 Haacht

0469 16 93 75

Open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Friday from 12:30 till 17:00


Useful links

We do not have the right expertise in the field of a number of mental problems. We are happy to refer you to the appropriate authorities for these issues:


MSOC Leuven
Het Veerhuis

Maria Theresiastraat 109
3000 Leuven

You can join the expert multidisciplinary team of doctors, psychologists and outpatient
drug counsellors at four locations in Flemish Brabant in an open and welcoming environment.


TEJO Leuven

Tervuursevest 176
3000 Leuven
0472 60 26 03

TEJO offers accessible, therapeutic assistance to young people between 10 and 20 years in Flanders. The services are provided by professional therapists on a voluntary basis.


In urgent need of a conversation?
CALL 1813

Suicide hotline
Available 24/7



Similes Leuven
Groeneweg 151
3001 Leuven

Similes is a pluralistic organisation that supports the families and loved ones of mentally vulnerable people. 


UilenSpiegel vzw

Hovenierstraat 45
1080 Brussel

UilenSpiegel is an association for people with psychological vulnerability. UilenSpiegel is active in Flanders and Brussels and

  • offers meeting opportunities for fellow sufferers

  • gives information

  • raises awareness and promotes interests

  • promotes participation

  • stimulates experience expertise and recovery

Useful links
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